• Metal Frame 43inch LCD Advertising Display dual screen 1920x1080 700nits
Metal Frame 43inch LCD Advertising Display dual screen 1920x1080 700nits

Metal Frame 43inch LCD Advertising Display dual screen 1920x1080 700nits

Product Details:

Place of Origin: Shenzhen
Brand Name: Shareme
Certification: CE,rohs
Model Number: SHM-BGWL043

Payment & Shipping Terms:

Minimum Order Quantity: 1
Packaging Details: wooden box
Delivery Time: 7-10days
Payment Terms: TT
Supply Ability: 10000
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Detail Information

Display Resolution: 1920x1080 Contrast Ratio: 3000:1
Material: Metal Viewing Angle: 178°
Storage Temperature: -30℃~70℃ Display Size: 43 Inch
Working Temperature: -20℃~60℃ Input Interface: HDMI/VGA/AV/USB

Product Description

Product Description:

The LCD Advertising Display is a cutting-edge solution for businesses looking to enhance their marketing and promotional strategies through dynamic and vivid digital content. This commercial digital signage has been meticulously crafted to deliver unparalleled visual performance, reliability, and user engagement. With its sleek design and advanced technological features, it is the perfect investment for retail stores, corporate offices, transportation hubs, restaurants, and many other environments where advertising and information dissemination are crucial.

One of the most striking features of this LCD Advertising Display is its impressive response time of merely 6ms. This ensures that the imagery and videos transition smoothly without any noticeable lag, providing viewers with a seamless and immersive visual experience. The rapid response time is particularly important for commercial digital signage, where the ability to display quick-changing, time-sensitive information can be the difference between engaging the audience and losing their attention.

Durability and reliability are at the core of this product design. The LCD Advertising Display is capable of withstanding a wide range of temperatures, making it ideal for various environments and geographical locations. With a storage temperature tolerance between -30℃ to 70℃, this signage system is resilient against extreme cold and heat during non-operational periods. Furthermore, the working temperature range of -20℃ to 60℃ ensures that the display will function optimally in most climates and indoor conditions where temperature control might vary.

Visibility and clarity are paramount when it comes to commercial digital signage. This is where the LCD Advertising Display truly shines with its brightness level of 450cd/m2. This high brightness ensures that the content is easily visible even in well-lit areas, making it as effective in daylight as it is during the night. Whether it is promotional content, informational videos, or interactive applications, this display guarantees that your message is delivered with clarity and impact.

The LCD Advertising Display excels in providing an extraordinary viewing experience from virtually any angle. With a wide viewing angle of 178°, the display allows for content to be seen from almost any position in front of the screen. This is particularly beneficial in commercial settings where the audience may be viewing the screen from various positions and distances. The wide viewing angle ensures that the content's colors, brightness, and contrast remain consistent, providing each onlooker with the same high-quality experience.

To summarize, the LCD Advertising Display is a versatile and powerful commercial digital signage tool that is built to meet the demands of modern advertising. Its quick response time, robust build, exceptional brightness, and wide viewing angles make it an ideal choice for businesses aiming to captivate and engage their audience with vibrant and dynamic content. Whether you are looking to promote your latest products, inform customers of upcoming events, or provide interactive experiences, this LCD Advertising Display is equipped to exceed expectations and elevate your brand's presence in any commercial environment.



  • Product Name: LCD Advertising Display
  • Power Supply: 110-240V
  • Brightness:700cd/m2
  • Input Interface: HDMI/VGA/AV/USB
  • Display Resolution: 1920x1080
  • Audio Output: 2x5W
  • Perfect as a sign display for advertising
  • High-quality LCD video player
  • Ideal for commercial digital signage applications

Technical Parameters:

Technical Parameter Specification
Working Temperature -20℃~60℃
Audio Output 2x5W
Input Interface HDMI/VGA/AV/USB
Storage Temperature -30℃~70℃
Material Metal
Power Supply 110-240V
Display Size 43 Inch
Response Time 6ms
Contrast Ratio 3000:1
Viewing Angle 178°


The Shareme LCD Advertising Display , originating from the innovative tech hub of Shenzhen, offers a versatile platform for digital advertising and information sharing. Certified with CE and rohs , this high-quality sign display for advertising is designed to meet the stringent requirements of modern commercial use. Businesses seeking to engage and inform their audience can easily acquire this product with a Minimum Order Quantity of just 1 unit, making it accessible even for small-scale applications.

Each unit is meticulously packaged in a secure wooden box , ensuring it arrives in perfect condition, ready to captivate your audience. With a prompt Delivery Time of 7-10 days and straightforward Payment Terms via TT, the Shareme LCD Advertising Display is not just a purchase but an investment in efficient communication. The Supply Ability of 10,000 units guarantees availability for bulk orders, catering to large-scale rollouts across multiple locations.

Designed to operate in a wide range of environmental conditions, the display boasts a robust Working Temperature range from -20℃ to 60℃. This ensures reliability and performance whether it's used indoors or in outdoor settings that are protected from direct exposure to the elements. Connectivity is versatile, with an Input Interface that includes HDMI, VGA, AV, and USB, allowing for a variety of multimedia content to be showcased seamlessly.

The swift Response Time of 6ms minimizes any motion blur, ensuring that dynamic content is crisp and engaging, which is essential for an effective advertising display. Sound is just as important as visuals in creating an immersive experience, and the Shareme LCD Advertising Display does not disappoint with its integrated 2x5W Audio Output , delivering clear and powerful audio for advertisements or announcements.

Constructed with a durable Metal casing, this sign display for advertising is built to withstand the rigors of continuous use in public spaces. Whether it's deployed in shopping malls, restaurants, airports, or exhibition halls, the Shareme LCD Advertising Display stands as a testament to quality and endurance, presenting content in a way that is both effective and aesthetically pleasing.

With Shareme's commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction, this advertising display serves as a dynamic tool for businesses to showcase their brand, products, or services. Its application scenarios are virtually limitless, offering a modern solution to traditional advertising challenges and providing a significant return on investment through its compelling visual appeal and operational dependability.



Brand Name: Shareme

Place of Origin: Shenzhen

Certification: CE, rohs

Minimum Order Quantity: 1

Packaging Details: wooden box

Delivery Time: 7-10days

Payment Terms: TT

Supply Ability: 10000 units per month

Display Size: 43 Inch

Material: Metal

Brightness: 700cd/m2

Response Time: 6ms

Viewing Angle: 178°

Shareme, a prominent brand in commercial digital signage, offers an advanced 43-inch LCD advertising display designed for high-impact advertising and display purposes. Originating from Shenzhen and boasting certifications such as CE and rohs, this advertising display is an ideal choice for your marketing needs. With a minimum order quantity of just one unit and secure packaging in a wooden box, we ensure your product arrives in pristine condition. Expect a swift delivery time of 7-10 days after placing your order, with TT as the accepted payment terms. Our production capacity allows us to supply up to 10000 units per month, catering to both small and large volume requirements. The metal-constructed display features a luminous brightness of 450cd/m2, a quick response time of 6ms, and a wide viewing angle of 178°, ensuring clear visibility and dynamic content presentation for your advertising campaigns.


Support and Services:

Our LCD Advertising Display is designed to provide a seamless and dynamic advertising experience for your business. To ensure you get the most out of your product, we offer comprehensive technical support and services. Our support includes troubleshooting common issues, assistance with firmware updates, and guidance with configuration settings to optimize your display's performance.

If you encounter any technical difficulties or have questions about the operation of your LCD Advertising Display, our experienced technical support team is available to help you resolve your issues efficiently. We provide detailed instructions and support for setup and installation, ensuring your display is up and running smoothly with minimal downtime.

In addition to technical assistance, we offer a variety of services to enhance your experience with our product. This includes content management solutions to help you create, schedule, and manage your advertisements with ease, as well as advice on how to maximize the impact of your content for your target audience.

We are committed to providing a high level of service and support to ensure your satisfaction with our LCD Advertising Display. Our goal is to help you leverage the full potential of our product to achieve your advertising and promotional objectives.



Q1: What certifications does the LCD Advertising Display have?

A1: The LCD Advertising Display has CE and RoHS certifications.

Q2: What is the minimum order quantity for the LCD Advertising Display?

A2: The minimum order quantity for the LCD Advertising Display is 1 unit.

Q3: How is the LCD Advertising Display packaged for delivery?

A3: The LCD Advertising Display is packaged in a wooden box for delivery.

Q4: What is the delivery time for the LCD Advertising Display?

A4: The delivery time for the LCD Advertising Display is 7-10 days.


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